A big, fat nothing burger

Information, standing alone, is a big, fat nothing burger!

Today’s fast paced world leads you to believe that skimming the surface is a smart way to conserve precious minutes. Arianna Huffington’s article “We are Drowning in Data but Starved for Wisdom” makes it clear that information, standing alone, is a big, fat nothing burger.

Unless you gain wisdom as you go through life experiences, you’re destined to become easily replaced by… a wise person or perhaps even a machine.

Wisdom is the combination of knowledge and experience. Knowledge comes from what you do with information (make it useful to yourself) and experience comes from what you learn from what you do with information.

Without wisdom, information is merely random bits of data. Take a moment every day to push beyond the headlines – dig a little deeper to keep your cognitive and analytical skills sharp. Wise people are made, not born.