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Traveling isn’t a new experience for Debra, who was born in Detroit and raised by parents who weren’t native Michiganders. With a mother from Atlanta, Georgia and father from New York, driving across the country to visit relatives is ingrained in her memories. “Space for packing was never an issue. We loaded up our big station wagon with everything we needed”.

Today, Debra’s career as a sought after speaker, trainer and consultant to C-Suite executives around the world has replaced auto with air travel. “I had to let go of some bad packing habits, and Ebby Rane has helped me to be more organized, smart and stylish when I travel”.

Debra Hunter Johnson


After an auspicious 25 year career as an attorney, HR executive and community volunteer, Debra found herself in the ‘sandwich generation’. She was juggling all of this while taking care of family and aging parents. She also knew that her journey in her career was relatable to others.

Debra Hunter Johnson

A consultancy offered her more flexibility, but it also allowed her to impart hard-earned wisdom. As her business grew, Debra realized that she could help people accelerate their wisdom curve, which became her tagline.

“You can’t circumvent the process, but you can certainly accelerate the speed at which you get wise”
. She helps individuals and organizations across the world progress their professional careers more quickly.

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Favourite Ebby Rane Carryall:
 I love The 1887 Clutch! It has a built-in spot in the case. It goes with everything. that was always a packing problem for me: where am I going to stuff a purse and which one? So the clutch is a lifesaver for me.


I never leave home without:
 My makeup bag! Toiletries are my challenge because of all my products. I’m a hopeful person – when a product says it’s going to make me look 10 years younger and glow – I say “wow, I’ll buy two!” So I have to admit, it’s my makeup bag.

The last book I read while travelling:
 Audible is my best friend for an on-the-go lifestyle. The last great book I listened to was Becoming by Michelle Obama. People may think it’s a story about the first lady, but as she said, this was a book about becoming herself.

What’s on your music playlist? I have an eclectic music taste. My summer playlist has everything from Frozen by Sabrina Claudio to Pitbull’s 3 to Tango. I also have Mul Mantra by Snatam Kaur for when I do Yoga Practice.

How do you stay healthy when traveling?
 I do take exercise seriously. I always carry a yoga strap and resistance bands in my Valise so I can design my own workout in my hotel room if there are no workout facilities nearby. I also always stay hydrated and carry water with me.

Where’s the last place you travelled on business, and what would you tell your BFF to do there?
 Boston. I would tell her she has to have lobster.The lobster in Boston is fresh and they know how to prepare it. That’s an experience you don’t want to miss.

Debra Hunter Johnson

What’s your favourite travel experience?
 I took a trip to Costa Rica with my family. They all decided to go zip lining, and I have trouble in glass elevators! I was working hard to outshine my fears, telling myself I could always opt out once I’m up there. But with a long line behind us, that wasn’t possible.

Then these little kids, maybe 5 or 6 years old, started encouraging me: “Lady, you can go! You can do it!” How could I not do it, with these tiny, fledgling coaches, in their innocence, trying to help me overcome my fear? So I just closed my eyes and catapulted across, screaming the whole way, legs kicking and looking crazy. But I did it.

Like Ebby Rane luggage, Debra is gorgeous on the inside, too. She radiates confidence and inner beauty. To learn more about Debra Hunter Johnson, visit her website:

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