To help you:

  • Accelerate your wisdom curve toward the right mindset to turn your setbacks into winning moments
  • Learn strategies to make useful tools of mistakes
  • Find the confidence to embrace the teachable moments of the journey courageously

I have personally been involved and invested in the career and personal advancement of high potential, talented people for over 20 years. In my roles as a law firm associate, in-house attorney, Human Resources vice-president, small business owner and consultant, I have had exciting opportunities and experiences beyond my most vivid imaginations. Along the way, I’ve had more than my fair share of corporate politics, work life balance challenges and times of uncertainty and shaken confidence. Yes, there were mistakes made and tears shed along my path to an interesting and lucrative career. But, they also helped me summon resilience, confidence, courage and rekindle my sense of humor— all of which accelerated my path to success.

Accelerate Your Wisdom Curve™


Career Development

  • Do you have the confidence to L.O.V.E your team?
  • How to go from technician to trusted advisor.

Career/Parenting Balance

  • Women CAN’T have it all at the same time? Not to Worry.
  • What if you can’t be Excellent?
  • Don’t Fake Yourself Over.
  • Five Key Steps for Starting Your Day Off Right
  • Children are our Future??!


Culture & Inclusion

“ I love diversity of thought… as long as you agree with me! ” Ways to minimize implicit bias’ effect in the workplace.

Year 2020 Workplace = 5 Generations at Work Together. How to speak the same language across the decades.


Customized Consulting In:

Employee development, leadership, hiring, networking, career balance and development, authentic careers, diversity, inclusion and culture management.

Effective lawyering, client development and entrepreneurship for attorneys.

  • Firms, particularly law and consulting, who want high functioning teams
  • Companies that want to create a culture that brings out the best in their employees
  • Legal, HR, professional and parent associations
  • Employee Resource & Affinity Groups
  • Parent Associations
  • Those who need to cultivate, develop and manage clients
  • Anyone interested in steering his or her own career